50+ Famous Sayings & Quotes About Sisters (in-laws!)

If you are blessed with a sister, then you are aware of the significant importance of the bond you share with her. If you want to send some famous sayings and quotes to your sister or sister-in-law, you’re in the right place. There is no one else in the world who would understand you or your crazy family quite like another sister, even if you fought like cats and dogs as kids.

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Not only do well-known people share their lives with sisters, but some of them also have wise words to provide on the special relationship between sisters. Read some of the touching quotes about the unique bond of sisterhood from famous people.

Best Sister Quotes
Best Sister Quotes

Best Quotes For Crazy but Intelligent Sister

Although they are charming, you will also find wisdom hidden inside these words. Sending these to your sister (or sister-in-law) will not only make her smile, but it will also let her know that you are thinking about her, which will bring a pleasant thought into her day.

“A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves—a special kind of double.” –Toni Morrison

“As I grew up, one of my strongest allies was my sister.” – Patti Smith

“A sister is both your mirror and your opposite.” – Elizabeth Fishel

 “I could never love anyone as I love my sisters.” –Little Women film adaptation (1994)

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.”  –Marion Garretty

“My sister and I are as different as night and day and we look at the world differently. But, we listen to each others’ complaints and the joys with open arms. I am there for her and she is there for me and there is an unbreakable bond.” – Angela Cartwright

“As you’re growing up and you’re close, you can’t trust anyone the way you trust your sister, but also they have the power to wound you in ways no one else really does.” -Ally Condie

“I’m the big sister. I want to make sure she has everything, even if I don’t have anything. It’s hard. I love her too much. That’s what counts.” –Venus Williams

“God sent me an angel when he gave me you as a sister.”  –Catherine Pulsifer

“Sister, you will always be a special part of my life.” –Catherine Pulsifer

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.”  –Anthony Brandt

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 “Sisters become more beautiful as each day passes by.”  –Michelle Malm

“Sisters share the scent and smells – the feel of a common childhood.” –Pam Brown

“I suppose there are sisters that don’t compete. I have never met one.” –Lisa Grunwald

“Of two sisters, one is always the watcher, one the dancer.” – Louise Gluck “Each family of sisters has a language and a turn of phrase all its own.” – Barbara Mathias

“A sister travels with you always. She is only a whisper or a thought or a prayer away..She moves through our lives with us.” –Roxie Kelley

At this point, none of us are sure why we fight. We’re sisters. We need no good reason to fight, even though we have plenty of them.”  –Ken Wheaton

Growing up you sometimes got the blame for things I did, but you always loved me not matter what. Now that I am older you my sister I am grateful for.” –Kate Summers

 “Little sisters can be a pain, but the big sister heroine worship can’t be beaten.”  –Allison M. Lee

“Even though you are my little sister, your hugs during the difficult times in my life, have been like a hug from God.” –Kate Summers

“There’s nobody in the world that knows me better than my sister.” – Tia Mowry

“She’s the toughest player I ever played in my life, and the best person I know.” – Serena Williams

“My older sister encouraged me from early on and bought me one of the first guitars I had. She listened to all of the crappy songs that I wrote when I was 8 years old and encouraged me to keep doing it.” –Tracy Chapman

“You keep your past by having sisters. As you get older, they’re the only ones who don’t get bored if you talk about your memories.”  –Deborah Moggach

“Actually, Keke is my nickname. When I was little, my sister was about four years old, and she had an imaginary friend named Keke. And she wanted my name to be Keke.”  –Keke Palmer

“When I was younger, my sister thought it was funny to pretend to punch me in the face because my mom was concerned about my teeth falling out. They were loose for a long time, and she knocked out my teeth.” –Amy Adams

“For there is no friend like a sister in calm or stormy weather; To cheer one on the tedious way, to fetch one if one goes astray, to lift one if one totters down, to strengthen whilst one stands.” –Christina Rossetti

“Sister is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship.”  –Margaret Mead

“There can be no situation in life in which the conversation of my dear sister will not administer some comfort to me.” –Mary Wortley Montagu

“Whatever you do they will love you; even if they don’t love you they are connected to you till you die. You can be boring and tedious with -sisters, whereas you have to put on a good face with friends.”  –Deborah Moggach

“If sisters were free to express how they really feel, parents would hear this: “Give me all the attention and all the toys and send Rebecca to live with Grandma.” –Linda Sunshine

“I do not see as well without her. I do not hear as well without her. I do not feel as well without her. I would be better off without a hand or a leg than without my sister.” –Erin Morgenstern

“Nobody fights you like your own sister; nobody else knows the most vulnerable parts of you and will aim for them without mercy.” –Jojo Moyes

If I was to give you three words to describe my big sister: encourager, supporter, and amazing!” –Ann Butler

“It’s like having a big sister around who’s been able to show me some things about me and about life and about this crazy sort of career thing.” –Stevie Nicks

Best Buddy Quotes For Sister
Best Buddy Quotes For Sister

Best Friendship Quotes For Lovely Sister

These encouraging quotes are perfect for sending to a lovely sister or best friend since they are succinct, adorable, and say exactly what you’re thinking. The captions for sisters have been organized into groups so that it is simple to select one that appeals to you, or you can just go through them all as mantras.

To begin, we will begin with some sister quotes that will serve to bring to memory the essence of what it means to be a sister. These are some quotes from our sisters that always make us laugh because they are witty, succinct, and go right to the point. The following are some lovely and appropriate love quotes for sisters that may also be used as birthday quotes for sisters. They are also incredibly amazing quotes about best friends.

“I love my little sister to death.” –Michael Trevino

“Words that describe you: my wise sister, my confidant, and my best friend.” -Catherine Pulsifer

“Sister we don’t know what the future holds but we always know we are there for each other.” – Catherine Pulsifer

“She is my sounding board, my confidante, my keeper of secrets – and my best friend.” –Kathleen O’Keefe

“Sister. You are not only a strong woman, but you are also the strongest tie to the best years of my life.” – Melanie J. Pellowski

 “Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.” -Amy Li

“Sister you were the one I always told on, now you’re the friend I always lean on. I count my blessings every day for you.” -Catherine Pulsifer

“Appreciation I send to you my sister, for always being there, for your support and encouragement. On you, I can always count.” – Catherine Pulsifer

“It is to be treasured when sisters are close or best friends, and what a loss for both of them when they aren’t.” -Linda Hale Bucklin

“Your sister is a jewel, a priceless, one-of-a-kind gem who makes living precious for many people, including you.” -Dave Pipitone

“Parents are just parents, brothers are just brothers, best friends are just best friends, even husbands are just husbands, but sisters—well, sisters are the ones to whom sisters always turn in times of joy or trouble, celebration or crisis.”  – Lorraine Bodger

“Often, in old age, the sisters become each other’s chosen and most happy companions. In addition to their shared memories of childhood and their relationship to each other’s children, they carry the echoes of their mother’s voice.” -Margaret Mead

“A little sister you once were, but now a great friend you are!” –Catherine Pulsifer

We didn’t want to admit it then, but we were friends. Best friends.” –Shannon Celebi

“I could never love anyone as I love my sisters.”  –Amy, ‘Little Women’

Final Thoughts

We hope that these famous quotes and wish messages for sisters have made you think of your own sister with a grin on your face. I really hope that you will discover one that you and your sister will be able to relate to, as well as one that will make you both laugh and make your relationship stronger than ever.